Why should i create my own site?

By creating your own site you can present yourself to the world. Your virtual online portrait will be there for the entire world to see 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do you know that your personal website can be your online CV or portfolio? It is a proven fact that the majority of the employers are looking for employees directly through the Internet.

A similar online presentation of your qualification, as well as of projects you’ve been working on, would produce positive effect at the talks when your entrance into office is being discussed. Let’s not disregard the possibility that it might turn out to be the very reason for your eventual hiring. Your web site could also serve as a forum/scene where the ‘real you’ could present thoughts or express opinion about one topic or another.

Thanks to your personal web site you could acquaint yourself with many other like minded people with similar interests, make contacts and keep up a correspondence with people from all over the world. Your web site could also take the form of a family album, a diary of your daily life, which you could easily share with friends and relatives

why should i have my own domain?
In real estate, there is a belief that ownership is better than renting. When you own your property, you can do what you want with it. Renting, on the other hand, is restricting, and you are limited as to what you can do. You are bound by the lease and can’t do a great deal.
This philosophy holds true with websites and domains. All the sites that let you join, post and have your own space on the web are controlled by land lords. You are bound by the agreement when you clicked “Ok” or “I agree”.
Having an online presence is as important as having an ID in the real world. If you have a website with your own domain name that will probably be the first thing that will show up on Google when someone looks you up. So you can make sure people will find information about you from you.
When the domain name is yours, you control your website. If at some point you are not satisfied with your site builder, you can just use your domain elsewhere, and people will still find you.
Without control over your URL, your fate is in the hands of the owners of the domain

When surveyed, consumers said they were 9X more likely to trust a small business using a custom email address than those with a free address that ends in @gmail, @hotmail or @yahoo!*

no matter your profession you need your ownsite f you are a butcher, baker, or a. candel stick maker you need a website