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5314 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19139, United States |267-582798 | freddiet@tritekk.net

Make sure your next

business card

has your website, 

provided by Tritekk


We understand that you need a web site, but there is much more to it.

We take the time to evaluate your budget,needs and goals
with a fresh,balanced
"keep it simple"
For your free consultation 

what we do

Tritekk has taken the worry out of getting and maintaining your site. After your free consultation. We then begin to put your site together You pick the template and colors,you provide text and pictures. By allowing Tritekk to handle your web site, you are free to manage your growing business.

We set up and manage all the following:

•Web site

•Set up of e-mails

•SEO (Search engine submission)

•E-mail Marketing

•Data collection report given once a month

•Set up and management of all programs

 (purchased from Tritekk)

•Site updates, marketing e-mail completed

 within 24-36 hrs.

Here are a few suggestions on how your company can utilize your new site.
Home Improvement: What better way to show off your work. Before and after pictures are worth a 1000 words.
Hair Salon & Barbers:Post your latest cuts,save on printing, put your coupons on your site.
Daycare: Show off your center with a video tour on your site.
Artist: Show and sell your work and broaden your fan base.
Restaurants: Give that customer a "taste" before they arrive. Pictures and menus on your site can accomplish that.
Selling Merchandise?: your open 24hr 7 days a week & cheaper rent!!
Educators: Give your students and parents the freedom to get vital information with out having to join anything. Also makes a great classroom project.
Promoters: Use your social networking with your site to promote more.
Charity Organizations: Get you message out to a broader audience.
Service Industry: List all services provided,products that you use i.e. Eco-friendly

So if you are a 

butcher,baker or a candle stick maker

you need a web site

Social networking is one of the most powerful ways to grow and promote your business. It should not be your only means though.The one problem with networking sites is that you have to join. Someone looking for information on your business has to wade through signing up. Then when they find you, one of your friends posted pics of that party on your page. By having a site, you avoid those problems 

Now you might be saying, 

"I have a page for my business or group on a
social networking site".

Social networking sites are great for meeting people and that is a great first step.But to increase your business potential, a complete site with all your information is vital.When you present your business card or proposal what would look better?


(or whatever domain extension you choose)

As more consumers look to the internet for goods and services, a web site for your organization is the best and most economical way to promote, give information, and stay in contact with customers. 

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